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Re: Heterodontosaurs

>  > Are there any other
>  > dinosaurs besides Heterodonts with differentiated  teeth? Where did they 
> come
>  > from and where did they go evolutionarily speaking?
> However, tyrannosaurids had slightly heterodont dentition, since their
> maxillary teeth are quite distinct from their premaxillary teeth,
> and the maxillary teeth tend to be larger towards the front.
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It has also been shown that _Troodon_ teeth can be grouped into 5
different types, that is, a single individual had 5 different types
of teeth in its jaws. Although the dentition was not as heterodont
in its extent as that of mammals, this condition was sufficient for
the existence, at one time, of several dinosaur taxa based on the
different types of teeth. When more complete material was later
found (jaws instead of individual teeth), it was realized that in
fact the different teeth pertained to a single animal, i.e. _Troodon_.
I can't remember offhand the names of the different tooth genera.
Does anyone remember?

Michel Chartier