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Paleontological collecting bills: update

Well, I finally received in snail-mail from Anne Walton copies of each of the 
two opposing paleontological resources bills that are presently in the middle
stages of being drafted.  As such, the bills are probably not what will go 
before Congress.  None-the-less, a lot of stuff that the rest of you should
know.  Input is being requested from the drafters of these bills, so rather than
hash it out on this listserve, it might be better to read the drafts and 
then send your input directly to the senators.
  I still can't find electronic versions of these preliminary drafts.  There
may not be any at this stage.  It's too bad, because getting the bills out
to as many people as possible should be paramount.  As both bills I have 
before me are FAT, I am not presently amicable to typing them into a computer...
although I may in the future.  The best way to get your hands on the bills
is to e-mail Anne H. Walton and request them.  Be advised that it cost her 
or her institution $ 1.84 to send the two bills to me.  If all of you on this
list (650 or so) asked her for a copy, it could get expensive.  However, Anne
DID say on the Vert. Paleo. list that she would send out copies to interested
individuals...so I am assuming that her statement still applies.  In the mean
time, I will begin the long, slow, process of typing the stuff into a file, but
don't hold your collective breaths.
The pro-academic paleontological bill (my terminology) is called:
            The Vertebrate Paleontological Resources Protection Act

The pro-commercial collecting bill (my terminology) is called:
           The Paleontological Resources Preservation Act

Once these drafts become submitted bills, you should be able to find them
in the Congressional home page:
Of course, by then, it will be too late for your input. 
  (thanks to Charlie Engasser for providing information on this web page).

Anne Walton's e-mail address is: