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Re: An evolution question.

 From: Tom Holtz <tholtz@geochange.er.usgs.gov>
 > Be warned, however: Bakker is a notorious "splitter" (the joke goes
 > that he never met a species name he didn't like...),

This is almost an understatement.  Not since the Marsh-Cope
wars has there been such a splitter in American paleontology.

When I took the time to really look at "Denversaurus" I was
appalled.  It should never have even been considered as a seperate

 > so some of the
 > "unnamed genus of dromaeosaurid from XXX Formation" may just be additional
 > fossils of previously known genera. 

Perhaps even the majority of them?

Of course he is balanced out by Greg Paul, who is an extreme lumper!

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