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Dollo's Law

> Vincent1@ix.netcom.com (Vincent DeLuca) writes:
> >In regards to violations of Dollo`s Law: Is Convergent Evolution a
> >violation of Dollo`s Law? It seems as if it is, if one ponders it.
> As far as I can recall, Dollo's Law deals with the repeated evolution
> of organs, whereas convergent evolution is about the repeated evolution
> of functions.  So, for example, while a whale's tail performs the same
> functions as that of a fish's, it is a different structure and operates
> in a different manner.  Check out Gould's "Bent out of Shape" in _Eight
> Little Piggies_.
> Terry


        yeah, gould's a good reference.  but, in keeping with the grand
evolutionary theme of redundancy (i hope i don't fan any flames here) i'm
pretty sure that my good ol' biology 101 text (pick one) makes clear the
distinction between homologous and analogous organs.  methinks dollo's law
applies to the former, and not to the latter.

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