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ETE Book

While I'm at it, I must also recommend the ETE book - the book that
resulted from the first mass meeting of the Evolution of Terrestrial
Ecosystems groups here at NMNH (with associated people from various
places). I was at the meeting, which was fun and highlighted by my
holding a well-known paleoanthropologist to be unnamed upside down
over second base during the softball game because he had the gall to
hit a home run against my team (I let him go eventually so he could score -
it was a hell of a shot) - and lots of good discussion went on. The book

Behrensmeyer, A.K., J.D.Damuth, W.A.DiMichele, R. Potts, H.-D. Sues &
   S.L. Wing. 1992. Terrestrial Ecosystems through Time. U. Chicago
   Press. 568 p. ISBN (paperback version) 0-226-04155-7 (HB 04154-9)

It has lots of good chapters with input from those and the other
conference participants. There are time chapters, Paleozoic, Mesozoic-
Early Cenozoic, Later Cenozoic and also chapters on Taphonomic
contexts, Taxon-free characterization of terrestrial communities, Plant
paleoecology, and evolutionary ecology. If you really want to know
what went on on land through time - this is a nice volume and the pb
version is pretty reasonably price (<$30 I believe)

TTFN Ralph Chapman, NMNH