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Re: An evolution question.

On Wed, 12 Apr 1995 spn3877@sae.ssu.umd.edu wrote:

> I am trying to trace the evolutionary history of Dromaeosaurids.
> (I think thats what their called) Basically the raptor families,
> like deinonychus, velociraptor, etc. Does anyone know of some
> papers or references I could use to help me with this evolutionary
> lineage? Anything would be very helpful.
>                               Shannon-Salisbury State University
        You just happened to hit upon my favorite subject here.  I'm 
currently wading through the literature on Dromaeosaurid phylogeny 
myself.  There's actually more out there than I originally thought.  I 
hope these references help.

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this one up yet, but I imagine it's writtin in Russian)

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Also, I haven't been able to look this one up yet, so I don't have the 
full reference, but there is an article about Utahraptor in Hunteria 2(10)

        There all also approximately 50 references to papers involving 
animals in the Dromaeosauridae in Daniel Chure & John McIntosh's "A 
Bibliography of the Dinosauria," on pp 95-6.  I haven't yet had the time to 
enter these into my database, so I haven't listed them here.

        Good luck!  If you turn up anything new and exciting I'd love to 
hear about it!