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Re: An evolution question.

In <0098EC71.62DB0480.507@sae.ssu.umd.edu> spn3877@sae.ssu.umd.edu writes:
>I am trying to trace the evolutionary history of Dromaeosaurids.
>(I think thats what their called) Basically the raptor families,
>like deinonychus, velociraptor, etc. Does anyone know of some
>papers or references I could use to help me with this evolutionary
>lineage? Anything would be very helpful.

>                              Shannon-Salisbury State University

For starters, try _The Dinosauria_ by David Weishampel (Univ of Calif.
Press, 1990). The paperback edition is $40 and is available in all
large bookstores in this area. Large bibliography.

Next, try _Dinosaur Systematics_ by Ken Carpenter and Phil Currie
(Cambridge Univ. Press, 1990). This may be harder to find and is
not in paperback (as far as I know). Large bibliography.

If you have access to GEOREF on CD-ROM, search for as many different
key words as you can think of (the computer will search for these
in titles, abstracts, and key word lists). Save what you find on a
floppy disk, and (with a little cleaning up) this could become
the core of your reference list. If you don't have GEOREF on CD-ROM,
try the Bibliography and Index of Geology, but be prepared for a
long grind.

The Zoological Record has just come out on CD-ROM (our local uni-
versity is getting their copy on April 17). I haven't seen it yet,
but it's done by Silver Platter (as is GEOREF); thus, it should be
just as easy to use.

If you can't find these things and can't get any help from your 
librarian, send me an E-mail message to let me know where you are
(I don't know about Salisbury State), and maybe I can suggest some
other places to look in your area.


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