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pterosaurs & snakes

> >Were snakes around during the dino days, and if so what was the largest?
> Snakes arose during the age of dinosaurs.  I can't recall the exact size of
> any, but I remember a primitive python-like form (_Madstonia_?  something
> like that) which was comparable to mid-sized pythons & boas of today.
> Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.                                 
> tholtz@geochange.er.usgs.g

I can add a little to Thomas Holtz's reply to Blaise re fossil snakes; they do
not fossilise well except as isolated bones, principally vertebrae, but have 
found from the early Cretaceous, becoming relatively common by the late 
However, the major radiations took place after the KT boundary.  I recall that 
(boa/python) type vertebrae larger than any modern species have been described, 
I'm not sure whether they are Cretaceous or more recent.  The estimated length 
in the 40-50 feet range, assuming the proportions of modern pythons.

Tony Canning