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Re: Repost

>I know that colour banding in bivalves and gastropods has been 
>recorded as far back as the Devonian.  I have also looked at the 
>preservation of colour in Pleistogene gastropods from New >Zealand, but have
found that the proteins producing the colour >have decomposed leaving only a
shaddow where once there was >colour.  My part of the study was to look at
the animals using UV >light (both living and fossil), but a search for the
'pigment' was >also made.  I will try and find out what the results were.  I
think >it was published in Science or Nature last year.

How come no proteins for color or pigment for color are found, yet we do have
fossil remains of interference colors , as in mother-of-pearl on shells?
 What does the interference preserve that the pigments don't?

----Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)