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New Refs

Here are a few winners:

Ma Hezhong & Zhao Zikui. 1994. Biomechanical properties of dinosaur eggshells
   II. - Two breaking types of the dinosaur eggshells under external
   pressure. Vertebrata PalAsiatica   32(4):249-257.

Lots about the physical properties of dino eggs. I hope they weren't
breaking them themselves and it's the theory paper I think it is. It has
an extensive English summary but is in Chinese.

Hou Lianhai. 1994. A Late Mesozoic bird from Inner Mongolia.
   Vertebrata PalAsiatica  32(4):258-266, 1 pl.

New fossil bird from the Lower Cretaceous - Otogornis genghisi - author
suggests is intermediate between archie and those late comers such
as Sinornis, Cathayornis and Chaongia. Lower Cretaceous. Pectoral
Girdle and wing stuff. Pretty neat regardless.

and a footprint paper!!!!

Matsukawa, M., et al. 1995. Dinosaur footprints from the Lower
   Cretaceous of Eastern Manchuria, Northeastern China: Implications
   for the recognition of an ornithopod ichnofacies in East Asia.
   Palaios 10(1):3-15.

Lockley and friends having fun with footprints again. Some nice
looking stuff including iguanodontid stuff. Haven;t read it yet -
just skimmed so God only knows what I've missed in the paper,
eh Mickey?  Play pool all your life ...

Ralph Chapman, NMNH