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Dino art web page?

     I have been thinking about starting a dinosaur art WWW home page. I 
have access to a server and currently have a radiologic sciences home page 
(www.indyrad.iupui.edu/radsci.html). In discussing the idea with others, we 
believe the page should include material about dinosaur modeling, both kits 
and scratch-built, Modeling and casting techniques, reviews for the 
collectors of models, an art gallery as an outlet for aspiring and 
professional artists, plus the usual links to other web sites such as the 
Smithsonian,Tyrrell, Russ's Dino page etc. I have the ability to scan photos 
and graphics with an HP flatbed scanner, plus some modest experience with 
HTML. If this sounds like a good idea to any of your and you are interested 
in helping, please feel free to contact me via the list or at my e-mail 

Thanks in advance for your input. I know I am not the only one who collects 
Dino replica's.

John Rafert
office phone: 1.317.274.5255
fax number: 1.317.274.4074