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Re: Sereno et al. and African

>If someone has these bills in electronic format,
>would it be possible for them to post both versions here?  If I am not
>mistaken, government documents, such as proposed bills, are not copyrighted,
>so there should be no problem posting them.  I think this group could
>be valuable in providing feedback, as both bills are still being drafted.
>Any takers on posting these bills? 

   Just to throw a monkey in the works but, the courts have decided that,
while it is not possible to copyright the text of government documents, it
IS possible to copyright the formatting.  Strange but true.

   However, I wouldn't let that throw you.  This forum would seem to clearly
come under the heading of "fair use" since we're most/all academics, it's
for information purposes, and isn't going to impact the govt's economic
status one little bit.

   If somebody knows the NAMES of the bills I know a few places where I
might find them electronically.....

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