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Re: Sereno et al. and African dinosaurs

>On pages 1750-1754 there are letters to the editor about Sereno et
>al.'s paper describing _Afrovenator_.  First, George Olshevsky
>complains about the name "Torvosauroidea", claiming that Sereno et
>al. should have used "Spinosauroidea" to remain in accordance with the
>rules of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature.  Sereno et
>al. concede, so (in my understanding) Torvosauroidea is now a junior
>subjective synonym of Spinosauroidea, the more properly named taxon.

Your reading is correct.  However, if Megalosaurus winds up in this clade,
which wouldn't surprise me at all, than it becomes Megalosauroidea (since
Megalosaurus and Megalosauridae have priority over almost every theropod

>Also, page 1763 contains a brief account, written by Antonio Regalado,
>of the conclusion of the BHI criminal proceedings.  Any brave souls want to
>chime in with their thoughts of the significance of the trial's outcome?

Not while I still work at the Survey! ;-)

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