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Mammal-like reptiles from Russian platform

I am about to undertake a project on the upper Permian mammal-like reptile
deposits of the Russian platform.  Apart from the work of Everett Olson
published in 1962 there is very little recent literature relevent to the
area in English.  I have two texts on mammal-like reptiles (Mammal-like
reptiles and the origin of mammals by Kemp and The evolution and ecology of
mammal-like reptiles).  I am particularly interested in the sedimentary
environment of the fossil assemblages found on/near the Vyatka river.  I
will be travelling to the town of Kotelnich in Russia and joining this
summer's field season from the Russian Paleontological Institute.

Any information on the sedimentology and faunas of the Russian upper
Permian would be appreciated.  I am having a hard time finding up to date
current literature and geological/topographic maps before I leave on the
25th April.

Andre A. Coffa
Earth Sciences
Monash University