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Re: correct terms

>Welcome back!
>        Can anyone help me with a grammatical question, what is the correct
>collective term for the species of the genus Polacanthus?
>        e.g. which is it correct to say, that someone ".....studied the
>Polacanthidae...." or ".....studied Polacanthids....." or both, or neither!
>        Sorry if this seems a dum question.
>                        Regards
>                        Spike

You can use:

"Studied fossils of _Polacanthus foxi_",

 or either of the above (except "polacanthids", as a common noun, should be
lower case).  Also, both "Polacanthidae" and "polacanthids" should be put
in quotes until such time that someone formally names the Polacanthidae.
Also, "Polacanthidae" refers to all of the family (_Polacanthus foxi_, _P.
marshi_, _Mymoorapelta_, and the up-and-coming upper Cedar Mountain form),
and not just _P. foxi_.

(Of course, if you are Coombs or Maryanska, you'd say "studied fossils of
_Hylaeosaurus_"  ;-)  )

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