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Forwarded message:
Date:    95-03-28 11:26:47 EDT
>From:    JCarterOne
To:      dinosaur@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu

Seth and I wish to thank all of you who responded to our request
for information on Deinonychus.  I am not, as someone suggested, a
rich relative or family friend.  I am only a mentor, part of a
program sponsored by my office to provide assistance to local
public schools.  Each mentor works with a selected student on a
project.  Our project was to use Internet to do research on some
topic.  We chose dinosaurs.  During this research Seth (and myself)
would learn about Internet.  We certainly learned a lot.

Although World Wide Web is not available through America On Line,
I was able access this at work and copy some information from
Berkeley and the University of Hawaii.  We did Archie and Veronica
searches and found some material there, as well.  I thought it
would be good experience for Seth to interact with the "experts"
through the news group.  I hoped we could learn something new,
since theories on the fate, linage, and habits of dinosaurs are
changing quite rapidly.  I suppose I was hoping for an experience
such as the one Ray McAllister had.  Seth will have to get his
inspiration somewhere else.

It is my responsibility, as his mentor, to ensure that all sources
of information are properly cited (with appropriate caveats as to
their credibility).  But since he is only a 5th grader, and we
aren't doing a thesis or dissertation, and we don't intend to
publish, I'm not too concerned about using informal correspondence
as a reference.  The point of the paper is to document the work

that he did, and show closure and success in the project.

As the research phase of our work is nearly over, I will be
UNSUBSCRIBING to the news group.  If you wish to respond to me
directly on this letter, please feel free to contact me through
email at JCarterOne@aol.com.  I thank those of you who responded
seriously to our request.  The rest of you may want to continue
your discussion of the role that educators, curators and "other
experts in the field" have in elementary education.

James L. Carter