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Re: Return of the ectotherms!

On Fri, 7 Apr 1995 11:42:45 -0400, Mickey Rowe wrote:
===============8<  Snipped  
>  The Paladino paper is in press at the moment but keep a lookout for it. 
>  It is expected to be out shortly.
>I just did a literature search to see if the latter paper is out, but
>I couldn't find any reference to _The Dinofest Souvenir Volume_, or
>any such article by Paladino.  Anybody else know if it's out yet?  If
>you really want to get into it, there are plenty of other articles,
>including an article recently mentioned here and published in
>_American Scientist_: "Inside a Dinosaur Bone", by Anusuya Chinsamy
>and Peter Dodson.  It's in the March-April issue.
>Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)

I have a copy of the DinoFest Book on my desk.  Participants were asked to 
write for "an educated and interested lay audience". 

Paladino, Frank V. and James R. Spotila (1994) Does the Physiology of 
Large Living Reptiles Provide Insights into  the Evolution of Endothermy 
and Paleophysiology of Extinct Dinosaurs? pp. 261-74.,  in Dino Fest: 
Proceedings of a Conference for the General Public, Indianapolis, IN, 
University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville, Vol. 7.   Rosenberg, G.D. and 
Wolberg, D.L. eds.

This will get you there.  The volume should be available from SVP as it 
was for sale at the Seattle GSA meetings last fall.

Bye the way, Anusuya Chinsamy also has an article in here.  pp229-242.

Rich Hengst
Purdue Univ. North Central