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The Dinofest volume has been out since November and is available from the
Paleontological Society for about $30. It is their special publication
#7. It is edited by Gary D. Rosenberg & D.L. Wolberg. 1994

It's a big volume of 503 pages with all sorts of interesting papers -
in the full spectrum that word encompasses. It has a transliteration of
Horner's talk outlining why he thinks Trex is a scavenger and putting
his opinion right on the table for guys like Tom to go after. If I get
masochistic, I'll type in the contents but not now.

I can recommend many of the other Paleo Society pubs including their
Paleotechniques volume edited by Rod Feldmann, myself and Joe Hannibal -
you'll laugh, you'll cry - it'll be a total experience.

Ralph Chapman, NMNH