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Re: claws

>I was looking through the skullduggery catelog (they make and sell repo's)
>and I noticed that except for size the "attack claws" of deinonychus,
>utahraptor, and a claw for the hand of Allosaurus are identical.  They seem
>tio have the same attachment shape and schema, an identical groove along the
>claw, etc.  Are they in fact the same even though not that closely related?
>T rex on the other hand (sorry for the pun) has a clasw strcuture that
>appeared to be quite different.

Hmm, maybe someone should study this... ;-)  (Look up my abstract for the
1994 SVP meeting)

Actually, the dromaeosaurid claws are much more blade-like than allosaurid
claws.  Allosaurids, and most large theropods, have claws which are rounded
in cross-section.

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