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new refs

Welcome back neighbors, here are a few items for consideration:

1. The article has come out in Nature about the extraordinary Cretaceous
mammal fauna found by the AMNH last year in Mongolia. This is the same stuff
I talked about last November on the list and am qouted in the current issue
of Earth (on the cover no less) as calling it a Mammalian Mother Lode:

Dashzevag, D and a bucket o' others. 1995. Extraordinary preservation
in a new vertebrate assemblage from the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia.
Nature (30March) 374:446-9. Amazing stuff.

2. There are some back and forth comments on the shape of pterosaur wings
 by Peters commenting on Unwin & Bakhurina and them responding in the 23March
 1995 Nature, pages 315-316.

3. There is a note by Clare O'Brien on amazing Chinese dino eggs,
prepared to show complete fetal dinos (the main one discussed has a
segnosaur in it) that are being displayed and are going on the
commercial market for buckets o' money. The notes in Science 24March95
267:1760. Subsequent to this, adds for such eggs have gone out on various
Internet bb's, the first is being hawked at 1.5 million bucks. There has been
an amazing amount of discussion of the vendor on Paleonet.

4. Hammerschmidt, K. & Wolf von Engelhardt. 1995. Meteroritics, 30:227-233.
discuss evidence for redating a Brazilian impact near the Permo-Triassic

5. Laurin, M. & R.R. Reisz. 1995. A reevaluation of early amniote phylogeny.
   Zool. J. Linn. Soc. 113:165-233. A big and important paper on the phylogeny
   of the vertebrates up beyond the Synapsida/"Reptilia" break. Very

6. Buffetaut, E. et al. 1995. Bull. Soc. Geol. France 166(1):69-75.
   They discuss a theropod femur without much data in a local museum in France
   and on the basis of its morphology and the dating of palynomorphs and the
   sedimentology of the matrix figure out it came from a unit north of the town
   of Gray and is referable to Megalosaurus.

7. In another troubling item from Geology Today 10(6):205 (NOV-DEC 94)
  note is made of a Hong Kong art dealer making a 2 cm long dino skeleton
  available for $100K with various other artifacts on sale for only $200K
  more. It looks cute in the picture but, like the eggs, will break your
  heart if they end up unavailable with a private collector.

That's it for now, more as they come. Welcome back y'all.

Ralph Chapman