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Genetic Memory

        The concept of genetic memory is not valid.  Genes code for the
assembly of subunits into the whole being -- unless you have demonstrated
that there is some way genes can encode specific memories onto specific
proteins which are incorporated into the brain, "genetic memory" will have
to remain a scientific fantasy.

        It would be far better to steal some concepts from evolutionary
pyschology and ask instead what cognitive mechanisms, driven by the sociality
of wolves (or dinosaurs), are involved.  What solutions to specific problems
posed by wolf social systems are demonstrated when one wolf brings objects
to another.  After all, the wolf (dog) can't have a sort of inborn command that
makes it run and get things; rather, it has an evolved cognitive mechanism which
sorts the world into things-to-be-fetched and 

        Based on that perspective, we should be able to say some general things
about the cognitive psychology of dinosaurs based on their sociality and their
environment.  I have no idea what those things would be, however, not being an
expert in either evolutionary psychology or dinasaur sociality! :-)

Mike Turton