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Re: non-racial subjective obs...

Betty writes,
  > Hey, I'm asking nicely. Try to know more about what you take a stance
against.  For example, fetching IS a trait in wolves.  It shows pack behavior
and dominance.  Less dominant wolves will bring things to their pack leader
in displays of submission.  Dogs, whose wolf-instincts have been redirected
BUT NOT ELIMINATED by man, will fetch to their pack leader (the human
owner/stick thrower).<

I think the word "fetch" indicates a retrieving of something thrown, and I
didn't know wolves had that talent, instinct, or ability.

>these people will nit-pick such statements apart.  And usually are correct.<

The problem is, with nit picking, the whole point or overall scope of my
statements have been lost. and by the way I think I'll post the definition of
"to go for and bring back; return with; get; to fetch a pail of water."
My statements stand, still, and I still say the concept of 'genetic memory'
is valid.