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non-racial subjective observation - flame proofing

It appears my thinking on genetic memory has been interpreted to apply some
negative racial tone that flat out doesn't exist. However, since it has been
understood by some to say what they are afraid to express I feel I must point
out a few  facts. I say facts because like it or not that's what these points
are, FACTS!

Of the hundreds of 'races' of dogs they are still all dogs, and belong to the
same species. Labrador retrievers have a genetic memory to retrieve, and ones
of good blood lines are born knowing how to fetch, as was mine. There is no
way in hell this talent is instinctual, for wolves, from which all dogs
spring. So, apparently the difference in the 'races' of dogs is real. Is that
also politically incorrect as well? If so, fine. I see no advantage in
pretending to see no seperation within a given species, even if one exists.
Is that science, or butt-kissing to keep that grant money rolling in? Have we
all become so cowardly as to dismiss any idea that the actual proveable
difference in 'races' exists? If that makes me a racist in your eyes then
gosh I'm sorry,,,, NOT!  Isn't the free expression of thought much more
valuable than the effort to become part of the accepted mainstream? I'm not
talkin'  Hitler's Germany here, just a inter-species differnece. Not
superiority as a race, but obvious observable differences. Like the delivery
or not, like the tone or not, like the idea or not the fact reamins a fact.
Behaviors, instincts, or talents are inheirited as much as my dogs black coat

My opinions were, and are, given to make a point concerning the tie-in with
the dinosaur to bird transition. Flocking and colonial nesting would carry
over very well with  'genetic memory', from dinos to birds. Migration
patterns, for whatever reason, also supports this thinking. Nest protection,
parental nuturing, ect., ect. . Those of us that really believe dinos are
still around, and rearing young in the eves of our houses, must realize there
have been many genetic memories handed down to them over the eons. If they no
longer have to watch out for nest robbing dinos, they do have to keep a
lookout for blue jays and crows. If they no longer have to migrate to renew
food supplies they do have to retreat from the bitterness of winter. It is my
belief that these behaviors are not relearned make-overs, but hold-overs from
an age long-gone, but not forgotten.

I feel we have become a nation, if not world, of fraiddy-cats. If we say
anything remotely near the subject of racism, concerning humans, we are
labeled and ostracized. My statements are my beliefs, and I stand by them.
Just because I live in the south doesn't give you the right to label me, for
I have no hatred for any man, except maybe the OK City bombers. I do not
believe the 'genetic memories' of which I speak make anyone better, or worse,
than anyone else. Just different. Maybe that's what the root of the problem
is, we are not supposed to be individuals anymore, but clones of the
politically correct. Speak the same way, think the same way, and act the same
way. That in itself is geometriclly more wrong than an perceived vien of
"racism", based on facts. Darwin is rolling like a wheel, for without
individual variances evolution is as dead as he is. 

I am not a racist and I reject the implication that 'genetic memory' is a
master race line of thought.

I remember, now, where I read this, "The Clan of the Cave Bear".

I the words of a T-rex, if one could speak, "Bite me, I dare ya!"