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Re: Extinction

On Fri, 21 Apr 1995, paul sparks wrote:

> Hi folks!
> I guess I need to get into the argument for what its worth.  Based on the
> modelling that was done wrt the nuclear winter scenario and then wrt to
> think that most of that part of the story has been readily modelled.
> Oh I did have a question out of all of this.  I thought that previous
> threads had pretty well decided that the Decca events were in fact
> temporally differentiated from the KT booundary.  I ask this because a
> And then Mickey Rowe kicked in with the slow die off fossil record thing.
> I'm a bit confused but I thought that I read in Science a couple years ago
> that there was a definitive study done that in fact showed the opposite when
> one looks at all the record.  In addition the statistics tah I memtioned
> knocked off the argument that there should be a spike.  One of the problems
> I have is that I don't know who to believe even within a given discipline.
> Who keeps a running account of the different arguments and worth of such
> studies? How can a paleotology amature like me susposed to make useful
> conclusions if all statement s seem to be autocratic in nature? Hmmmmmm
> I get the same feeling when I read Tom H's comments in thaty he "states"
> things as truth that from the litereature that I have read (Science, some
> physics things and popular stuff like scientif american) don't seem to be
> the last arguments on the subject.  Is this a discipline thing?  Do we have
> a fossil types versus some other group?  I don't know, but I am surprised by
> the arguments that I've heard and especially the Facts that have been
> stated.  I'm probably just getting old.  sigh.................

It just takes time.  The next Snowbird Special Paper will be out soon.  
Compare the 1st to the 2nd to the 3d and you will see a clear change 
toward acceptance of the impact hypothesis.   If the plate tectonics 
revolution is any guide it will take another decade for the debate to