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Re: Looking for.....

On Fri, 21 Apr 1995, William B. wrote:

> Can anyone tell me what ever happened to Dr. Edwin Colbert of the 
> American Museum of Natural History? I heard he had moved to Arizona 
> several years ago, but that's all I know.
> Thanks
> Bill Hansen
> bhansen@mt1613.gfra.mt.blm.gov

        I believe Dr. Colbert is still living in Flagstaff, Arizona.  
About a year and a half ago he came down to ASU in Phoenix to do a guest 
lecture on Coelophysis and the Ghost Ranch quarry.  I know he has done a 
lot of work with Northen Arizona University in the past (including much 
of the Ghost Ranch material) and he may be a Prof. Emeritus with NAU 
now.  Sorry I don't have anything more specific!  The geology dept. at 
NAU may be able to provide you with something more.