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Dinosaur Clip Art Book

Dover Publishing has just released a new title in their Dover Clip Art 
Series: _Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Mammals Illustrations_ by Bob 
Giuliani. These are "98 different copyright-free designs printed one 

Many of the drawings are based on models and drawings (with some changes) 
that most of you would probably recognize. The Tyrannosaurus on page 2 
of the Dover book is pretty much the Tyrannosaurus on page 14 of the Dorling 
Kindersley book _Tyrannosaurus_; the Stegosaurus on page 16 of the Dover 
book is based on the Czerkas sculpture; the "Ankylosaurus" on page 28 
bears more than a passing similarity to the John Sibbick Euoplocephalus 
on page 164 of David Norman's _The Illustrated Encyclopedia of 
Dinosaurs_, etc. etc.

Price is $5.95 and you can probably find it at the "better" bookstores 
like Borders and Barnes & Noble, as well as some art supply houses.

The illustrations are at least more representative of modern views of 
dinosaurs than most other clip art available. But... I would much rather 
see a clip art book produced by Franczak, Paul, or Wenzel. (This is a 
not-so-subtle hint to the Dinosaur Society.)

----- Amado Narvaez