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Re: The Scientific Process

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>From: Ralph Chapman
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>Ray - the reference is not handy but was in Geology a year or so ago.
>The wave was not a classic tsunami but the backwash that apparently filled
>in after a massive slump. As such, you might not expect effects that far
>away, but who knows. If I can find the paper, I'll send exact reference
>but I'd look in Geology over the past three years and assume it's a late 93
>or early 94 to start. I can;t remember the author.


The references you're probably referring to are:

Young, R. W., and Bryant, E. A., 1992, Catastrophic wave erosion on the
southeastern coast of Australia: Impact of the Lanai tsunamis ca. 105
ka?: Geology, v. 20, no. 3, p. 199-202.

Jones, A. T., 1992, Discussion [of above]: Geology, v. 20, no. 12, p. 

Young, R. W., and Bryant, E. A., 1992, Reply [to discussion]: Geology,
v. 20, no. 12, p. 1151.

The tsunamis were apparently the result of gigantic submarine landslides
near the islands of Hawaii and Lanai.

By the way, if questions ever come up dealing with anything GSA has
published, don't hesitate to ask me to look it up for you. A lot of
this material is in my office, and the rest is just down the hall.
Hope this helps.


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