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Re: Extinction

Strong claims require strong arguments.  Your position would get more
serious attention if you flush out some detail in your logic.

>Sir, you seem to have missed my point entirely.  I am suggesting that the
>date of the Chixculub impact can be dated directly from the fossil record at
>any place on the globe.  An impact creating a 120 mile crater would devastate
>life everywhere on earth, and if it were to occur 8 million years prior to
>the KT boundary, as you pose as a possibility, a mass extinction would have
>occurred there, but as you probably know T rex and others not only flourished
>during this time period but actually evolved. 

If I didn't drop a decimal point (a real possibility), such a crater is
only about 0.001% of the Earth's surface.  What is the mechanism(s) that
causes the extinctions of the creatures that died, and ESPECIALLY, allowed
those that didn't to survive.  This needs to be covered for both marine
and terrestrial creatures.  If it's dust clouds, or whatever, how about
some quantitiative estimates and how the environment would be affected.

>Futhermore, I do not claim that the Mexican impact was the sole impact -- I
>expect the object fragmented from tidal forces in a fashion similar to the
>recent comet strike of Jupiter -- but I do believe, as I feel is obvious,
>that the object that generated the Chixculub crater and any sister impacts
>exterminated the dinosaurs.

Our gravity is tiny compared to Jupiters,  I doubt that our gravity well
would break up a Chixculub sized object until it hit our atmosphere.
Any astrophysics types out there care to comment?  Also, no other
comparable sized and dated impact structures seem to be currently