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Re: Extinction

n8010095@henson.cc.wwu.edu writes:
  "Those that claim that the impact/Yucatan crater/dino extinction is a "done
dealtheory with conclusive proof, seem to have short memories.
  "When Ponds and Fleischman came out with their "cold fusion" paper/media
in the 1980's, there were hords of supporters that espoused much the same
opinion that Van has been contributing on this thread:  That there is so much
evidence that supports cold fusion that, instead of detractors sticking their
ugly heads into the discussion, that we should move forward and scale up the
funding and experiments, and find out what *kind* of fusion is occurring in
those glasses of water."

Sir, I am a physicist and I am afraid you are far off base with your above
description.  Very, very, few physicists were among the "hordes of
supporters" you speak of.  In fact Ponds and Fleishman were harshly
criticized and ridiculed from almost the very beginning, though most
physicists wanted to give them a fair shake at first.  They provided little
to support their conclusions, and they employed more than a little hand

But the evidence for the impact theory is simple and straightforward: an
impact occurred at the end of the Cretaceous period that created a 120 mile
crater.  And the dinosaurs died out at the same time.  If there was no more
evidence it would still be virtually impossible to not acknowledge the strong
possibility of a connection.