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back from Pennsylvania

    We did make it home again.  I was worried the relatives were going to
talk our ears off for a while, though.  We had a difference of opinion with
the relatives as to what contitutes good rock-collecting sites.  I wanted the
Swatera Gap locality and they took us to a local park, which was mostly
landfill, and manicured lawn, so it was a wash. (little rock humor)
     We never made it to the Smithsonian.  The relatives decided it would be
too crowded, so we headed to the State Museum in Harrisburg.  Many of the
local animal mounts had been removed for restoration.  The Dinosaur Lab was
unoccupied for the Friday before Easter weekend.  
  However  I did have an enjoyable time examining what I could of the Ghost
Ranch bulk matrix thingy they were preparing.  The thing looks to be roughly
8 ft by 6 ft by 3 ft, with plaster wrapping to distort the shape further.
 The matrix looks to be a red sandstone kind of thing, and the Coelyophis
(spelling?) skulls were nicely displayed on the monitor that relayed the
camera set on close-up portions of the specimens.  One skull was fairly close
to the side window and the detail was very nice, displaying the right side of
the face.  There were also some articulated spine-segments, which in the
matrix looked as though some ribs were also in articulation.  This would be
displayed as though the dinosaur died lying on his back, with the ribs
extending out to the sides.  I also thought I saw femurs.  Apparently there
are some other animals in the matrix, but I forget what they were.
    Around the corner were some life-size restoration sculptures of
Coelyophis and his friends.  They were nicer than the indian restorations on
the next floor.  I did enjoy the furniture display and the indian
   All in all, next time I go to the Smithsonian.  Regardless of relatives.

Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)