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Re: Resubmission

Hi, Lightwaves (how come you AOL guys never use real names?)

Your thoughts on nocturnal dinosaur eye adaptations are right on.
If some dinos were `more' warm-blooded than other groups, it might have
been an advantage to run around in the cool of the night when their favourite
prey or deadliest predators would be sluggish.  I'd be surprised if there
WEREN'T any nocturnal dinosaurs.  Eye size might help to identify habitually
nocturnal (and therefore homeothermic?) groups.

Regarding your `racial memory' idea, I think that THAT could be the reason
for the null response to your posting, especially where you hint that you
think you may have found it easier to learn to make flint tools because you're
part Amerindian.  Not just on the net, but almost anywhere, most scientists
shy away from anything dealing with comparative abilities among human races.
Anthropologists (or others) who take a position other than full homogeneity
are often labeled as racists in the popular press and shunned in scientific
circles, whether or not there might be any validity to their hypotheses or
field studies (for good reason -- they often DO have racial superiority-
type agendas and dubious scientific methodology).  Stephen Jay Gould has
written about this recently, also David Suzuki.

I think there's a lot of potential for genetic inheritance of traits and
abilities no longer expressed.  For example, buried in our DNA may be unused
code sequences dealing with how to recognize a good spawning site on a gravel
stream bottom, for which we have no further need since we are no longer fish!
Possibly, these dead code sequences may become useful in a later phase of
evolution, if there is a valid and advantageous analogy between the new
and old lifestyles and they are somehow re-activated (and weren't adversely
mutated by genetic drift during the time they spent as excess DNA baggage).
Formerly useful, dead DNA code must be a potent source of new traits, the
raw material for evolution.

All that aside, I think your facility with stone flakes probably has nothing
to do with your recent ancestry.  Don't forget that European, Asiatic, African
and Australasian populations (is that everybody?) all had a stone age
technology phase within the last 10000 years.  I think you might just have
a general dexterity, artistic talent or craftmanship, just by the fact that
you are a human, and humans like learning how to make things, not because
one of your grandparent's ancestors used to make arrowheads.  ALL of your
ancestors used to make arrowheads!
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``So, here I am, sitting by myself, talking to myself.  Now THAT's chaos!''
                (mathematician Ian Malcolm, in Spielberg's Jurassic Park)