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Re: Inquiring Minds

        As far as temperatures in Australia go, see:
        P. Vickers-Rich & T.H. Rich & B.E. Wagstaff, 1988, "Evidence for
low temperatures and biologic diversity in Cretaceous high latitudes of
Australia," Science 242:1403-6
        P. Vickers-Rich & T.H. Rich, 1989, "Polar dinosaurs and biotas of 
the Early Cretaceous of southeastern Austalia," Nat. Geographic Res. 

        There's also an article in Scientific American in 1993 by the
Riches, "Australia's polar dinosaurs," (July issue, pp 50-55).  I know
I have this one around here somewhere, but I can't find it right now. 
However I remember that they claimed the paleoclimate was similar to that
in present Toronto for the locality where they've been finding their
dinosaurs.  That's pretty chilly for some parts of the year.