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Dino population sizes?

Hi all, 

Does the scientific community feel that they are able to realistically
gauge the size of the population of various dinos (e.g., how many
dinos per sqaure mile would there have been in late Cretaceous Montana)?

I guess what I'm getting at is, do we feel we're getting a representative
sampling from the little "slices" of Cretaceous Earth that pop up
out of the ground? It's truly staggering to think that all that we've 
found is merely a fraction of what once was, and that more of the
same is under our feet, so many feet down, every day (well, not under
mine; I live in Ohio. I have shells and coral under me). Imagine
how many other species might be sitting right under our noses (inci-
dentally, though I know it varies, about how far _would_ the Cretaceous
be under present day soil?).
Oh well, thanks.


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