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VanKathy@aol.com writes:
> How can any sane, informed person, believe anything else but that the KT
> extinction was caused by an impact with an extraterrestrial object?  With
> the
> recent discoveries of the Yucatan crater it would seem the answer was sewn
> up, but I still see people trying to defend alternative theories (for
> example, Bakker).  Could this rather hopeless
> archaism be partially from resentment that the impact theory came from a
> physicist rather than a paleontologist?

It's easy if you are a sane, well-informed person. The two events may
be separated by a million years, and be sheer coincidence. Or the last
dinosaur could have died on Tuesday, and the CH. impact could have
happened the following Saturday. The fossils don't give enough details.

Bakker does have some good questions. Why do the number of fossils
taper off as you get near the time of impact? Shouldn't a graph of
the fossils show a spike near the estimated time of impact? Why didn't
ALL species die out?