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new Refs

OK gang, here are a couple of new refs of interest:

First up are 2 on a Jurassic croc that's rather primitive and part of
what some investigators call the Mesoeucrocodylia. Basically a real
primitive non Protosuchian Crocodyliform of the genus Hsisosuchus.

1. Li Jinling, Wu Xiaochun & Li Xuanmin. 1994. New material of
    Hsisisuchus chungkingensis from Sichuan, China. Vertebrate
    PalAsiatica   32(2):107-126.
2. Wu X., Li J. & Li X. 1994. Phylogenetic relationship of Hsisosuchus.
    Vertebrata PalAsiatica 32(3):166-180.

Both are in Chinese with extensive English summaries.

Finally, the first part of an article I already described the second
part of:

3. Zhao Zikui, Ma Hezhong & Yang Yongqi. 1994, Biomechanical properties
     of dinosaur eggshells (1). - The Stress analysis of the dinosaur
     eggshells under external pressure. Vertebrata PalAsiatica

I guess we all have to deal with stress of various kinds.

A finally a new pterosaur from the Upper K of China:

Cai Zhengquan & Wei Feng. 1994. On a new pterosaur (Zhejiangopterus
     linhaiensis Gen. et sp. nov.) from Upper Cretaceous in Linhai,
     Zhejiang, China. Vertebrata PalAsiatica   32(3):181-194.

They have skull, gastralia, scapula, humerus and apparently 5 different
specimens (e.g., 2 heads, 2 humerus, 3 femur). Skull lengths vary
from .29 to .43 (est) meters. Not that small.

I always enjoy it when a batch of V.P.'s come in

TTFN, Ralph Chapman, NMNH