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Re: Albertosaur found (but remains in ground!)

On Sun, 23 Apr 1995, Phillip Bigelow wrote:

>  There is an interesting article in the April 14, 1995 issue of _Science_ 
> (vol.
> 268, pages 198-199) that relates the rather sad and convoluted situation
> that can occasionally arise when amateurs, landowners, and professionals
> all cross paths.  The article by Carol Potera tells the story of a tourist
> family from Bellingham, WA. out on vacation that happened to find a rare 
> Albertosaur skeleton during the summer of 1994. Good news, right?

Thanks for the tip on the story, Phillip.  I'll be sure to look it up.  
There was an article in our local Great Falls, MT paper about it, also, 
last summer.  Doesn't sound like much has changed since then.  
Unfortunately, the ranchers along the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana are 
feeling their way of life threatened, and the culture doesn't take too 
kindly to people entering their land without asking.  The sad thing is, 
if the people had just asked permission to go onto the rancher's land, he 
probably would have responded positively.  Plus, the ranchers are so 
strapped financially, their patience is being taxed when it comes to 
voluntarily allowing paleontological resources leave their lands, 
without some compensation. Egg Mountain would not be open today, were it 
not for the Nature Conservancy.  This is where a "fossil conservancy" 
organization is needed, to be able to step in and buy the land if 
necessary in order to protect the fossils, when all other negotiating fails.

Bill Hansen
Area Geologist
BLM-Great Falls, MT