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Re: non-racial subjective observation - flame proofing

>From: Lightwaves@aol.com:Labrador retrievers have a genetic memory to 
>and ones
>of good blood lines are born knowing how to fetch, as was mine. There is no
>way in hell this talent is instinctual, for wolves, from which all dogs

Wolves can and do fetch, as anyone who owns a wolf can attest.  It is
probably an elaboration of the basic instinct to bring food back to the
den.  Any dog can fetch as well.  Some are easier to train than others
because of intelligence, and some have a more powerful instinct to do so
than others, and breeding can enhance or suppress either, but these are
_not_ "genetic memories".  That phrase means nothing.  Genes can and do
enable a genotype to code for instincts, but it does so by selecting for
certain basic brain structures.

You are tripping yourself up with terminology.  By insisting on calling
an instinct a memory, you are according it features it does not have.  It
doesn't matter how may generations of dog you name "Rex", the next generation
will still not remember that name, it will never become instinctive.  If you
select for inborn features, you can enhance them selectively, but this not
not data stored in the brain - a memory.

Larry Smith