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RE: non-racial subjective observation - flame proofing

> So you would have somebody withhold data or scientific information from
> society at large?

  No, I certainly wouldn't.

> Please tell me you're not advocating some sort of "arms control" or
> "handgun control" on scientific data or evidence...

  No, I'm certainly not suggesting that either.

> Facts are passionless and simply tell what they contain. It is *we* who
> ascribe other things such as "fuel" or "ammunition" to them...

  And that is certainly what anyone who argues that the difference between
"races" of humans will say.  The facts may be passionless, but men are not--and
hate is one of those passions.
  I'm not a rabid PC advocate.  I am concerned that scientists need to
emphasize exactly what it is they have found in their research.  This goes
all the way back to that thread a few weeks ago about correcting public
misperceptions.  Granted that most of those were caused by the
"sensationalist" press, but who would report the results of genetic memory