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Re: stego time line +

>Ona completely different topic, one of the books my kids checked out from 
>the library "Dinosaur Cousins" (not at all scientific; it compares 
>dinosaur traits with those of modern animals) said ankylosaurs were 
>insectivores. Any truth to that?

This is presumably based on the superficial similarity to Armadillos.

Ankylosaurs were very much larger, however. I doubt if they could catch
enough insects to survive. They also had a completly different tooth
structure similar to that of many other ornithischian dinosaurs. It would be
difficult to argue that Ankylosaurs weren't plant eaters without claiming
the same for Fabrosaurids, Stegosaurs, and Ceratopsians.

This sounds typical of many childrens' Dinosaur books, which have no
scientific basis. It annoys me that publishers can get away with feeding
children blatent mis-information.

Please correct me if there is a scientific basis for this.

James Shields/jshields@iol.ie
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