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Re: Bakker

On Fri, 28 Apr 1995, Ralph Chapman wrote:
>   I would like to stress that no one I heard on the list has ever suggest=
                               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                      ^^^^^^^=
> that Bakker has made up his data.
       ^^^^^^     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Befor I go further, I would have to agree with you that no one on the=20
list has suggested this.  I saw this in the news group.

In article <3n9ne9$qnv@ixnews4.ix.netcom.com> crpntr@ix.netcom.com (Kenneth
=AD=C0ql=FBCarpenter) writes:

>>Ok, since you asked.
>>        1. Making up data: Bakker states that a 100-pound dog plus
>>puppies requires 1000 pounds of dog chow per year, and that a 100-pound
>>lizard plus hatchlings needs only 100 pounds of lizard chow per year.
>>However, Walter Auffenberg, in his 1982 book on the komodo lizard,
>>states that a 99-pound komodo lizard has a weekly intake of 6.6 pounds
>>of food, that's more than 340 pounds per year.  The requirements for
>>four young komodos are a little less, 329 pounds (Carpenter unpublished
>>data).  Thus, 429 pounds of "lizard" chow would be needed for the adult
>>and four young.  As for the dogs, based on nutritional data on a bag of

>Back to Ralph Chapman:

> [snip] he enjoys the initial idea development and arm-waving but has tend=
> not to go any further anymore in doing the tough work of really assemblin=
> the data that would support the theories and putting the result out for
> scientific scrutiny in a refereed journal - which is necessary if not,
> at times, heart wrenching. It's easy to throw ideas out to a relatively
> uncritical audience but it, in my opinion, does the science no good if th=
> follow up isn't there.

I understand your point Ralph.  I guess that to me, abeit minor, I see a=20
difference between making up data and and not finishing something.  I=20
don't have nearly enough experience to defend a position in this list, so=
I won't try.  But I still have respect for Bakker and am gaining a great=20
deal for Horner too.  Seems like Horner is the odds on favorite here. :)

=09Greg Claytor