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One more ref

Mike Brett-Surman got to this one first:

Ostrom, John H. 1995. Wing biomechanics and the origin of bird flight.
    N. Jb. Geol. Palaeont. Abh. 195(1/3):253-266.

This is the Seilacher festschrift with Ostrom on his favorite topic -
or at least one of them. Discusses the semi-lunate carpal of maniraptorans
(including Dein., Veloc., Sinornithoides and Archie) as a fiunctional
precursor and probable homologue of the carinate trochlea carpalis in birds
using the work of Vazquez' on flying in modern birds.

Oh, by the way, the volume and number of the Geology Today stuff I
mentioned last time is 11(1).

Ralph Chapman, NMNH