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  I would like to stress that no one I heard on the list has ever suggested
that Bakker has made up his data. The complaints against Bakker tend to be
that he enjoys the initial idea development and arm-waving but has tended
not to go any further anymore in doing the tough work of really assembling
the data that would support the theories and putting the result out for
scientific scrutiny in a refereed journal - which is necessary if not,
at times, heart wrenching. It's easy to throw ideas out to a relatively
uncritical audience but it, in my opinion, does the science no good if the
follow up isn't there. So, from the science point of view Bakker doesn't
make up data, he just doesn't tend to get around to presenting any in
a forum where it can be challenged by those people in a position to do so.
That doesn't mean there isn't any supporting data, just that he hasn't
finished the job. Sort of like proclaiming you're going to build a bookcase,
buying half the wood you need and nothing else, and then declare it's a
finished before building it. We all like to arm-wave, but you have
to pay the bills eventually with follow-up stuff. Tis a shame to
waste the ideas of such a bright mind...

Ralph Chapman, NMNH