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Re: Paleocene dinosaurs

greg1@svpal.org (Greg Claytor) said
>Saw that last night and was sure glad they used the SGI machines >rather
than clay.  

They actually used both SGI-rendered dinosaurs and over a ton of clay for the
life-sized mechanical T Rex, the life-sezed parts of the T Rex, and other
life-sized models.  You weren't far wrong.  Actually more of the dinosaurs in
the movie were puppet-type or costume-type than computer-type (that is in
time aired on screen).  An excellent book on the subject is "the Making of
Jurassic Park" and the Cinefex magazine's Jurassic Park edition is also very
informative (and very hard to find)

>It was interesting that the first Velociraptors had snake like >tongues.
This apparently threw Horner for a loop.  Needless to >say, they lost the

I'll translate--He means the first ones used in the production of the movie.
 This was one of the things that Jack did make them go back and correct.  The
animators thought it would look cool.

James Shields/jshields@iol.ie
>My gripe is not about the film, but the merchandise. Books, >calenders, toys
and God only knows what else, all proclaiming >mis-facts like "Dilophosaurus
is noted for its brightly colored >neck frill. It subdued its prey by
spitting poison."

One of the things I liked very much about the film is the purely sartorical
note that crept in on merchandising.  In particular in the scenes where you
get to see the JP lunchboxes and stuffed animals.  Here they were preparing
this big theme park (to be complete with it's own Disney-esque gift shops)
and the merchandising approach was exactly mirrored in the merchandising of
the movie.  It sort of startled Steven in the pre-production when they were
trying to figure out how to present the idea of the park to the viewer for
the first time, and one of the writers said. "Why don't we do one of those
little mini-Disney-esque movies-with a little animated DNA guy (Mr DNA)
narrating"  (I quote from memory), which he said as a joke, and Speilburg
thought it was just what they needed.  Since ET, Steven has been a master of
merchandising, so it was particularily funny to me that he poked fun at
himself during the movie.

Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)