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Re: Paleocene dinosaurs

On Thu, 27 Apr 1995, Greg Claytor wrote:

> Now, if only I could make sense of all that jargon in _The Dinosauria_.  
> That is one really difficult book to understand.  The other person who has 
> had an impact on me from a media stand point is Robert Bakker.  It's a 
> little frustrating to see that he doesn't seem to  be very well respected 
> though.  I've seen threads recently that suggest he  makes up data to 
> support his theories.  I'd hope this isn't true.  I'd really like to meet 
> him and listen to him tell stories for about a week.

  It's not that he 'makes up' data rather he fills in gaps with plausible 
ideas and sees how that could fit in that great scheme of things, 
though he is a well known splitter, that does not make him a 'bad'  
scientist/Vert Paleontologist, he gives us something to think about,  and 
PLENTY of new ideas. If we did not have the dreamers we would not have 
not gone to the moon. We all from the totally interested 'Dino-Nut' to  
the Professional Vert. Paleontologists have a certain respect for him. He  
could probably tell you a story for about a week. ;)

I'm off my soap-box. 

>       Greg (The Dino Nut) Claytor
>       greg1@svpal.org

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