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Re: Paleocene dinosaurs

>Now, if only I could make sense of all that jargon in _The Dinosauria_.  
>That is one really difficult book to understand.  The other person who has 
>had an impact on me from a media stand point is Robert Bakker.  It's a 
>little frustrating to see that he doesn't seem to  be very well respected 
>though.  I've seen threads recently that suggest he  makes up data to 
>support his theories.  I'd hope this isn't true.  I'd really like to meet 
>him and listen to him tell stories for about a week.

I think it's more a case of him taking a few facts and then just handwaving
out a theory.  I get the feeling that most paleontologists respect him
for some of the ideas he's introducted and forced people to really examine
things, but would really like him to spend less time on TV and more time
doing the "grunt work" necessary for good science.  As for a one-on-one
with him (as a non-professional), I've always felt that his ego would be
too large for me to take.  Any of you professionals know him on a personal
basis, and care to comment about Bakker as a person.  (feel free to respond
privately)  I think that I'd much rather sit down with Horner, but I've
heard that he's really a rather quiet, private person.  I hope someday
I'll have a chance to personally meet one or more of the others on this
list (either professional or not).
>I'd like to listen to stories from any good paleotologist for that long 
>or longer.  I've always wondered if wannabees like myself can get 
>involved in a dig in say Montana, Utah, or Colorado.  I think the fun part 
>would be the end of the day around a camp fire listening to the 
>paleotologist tell the story.  Probably feel that way cause I'm reading 
>_Digging_ I guess.  Sorry for all the band width here, but please don't 
>under estimate the impact the media has in furthering your professions!

Russ Jacobson might still have space this summer ($450 last I saw).  Try him at:

Art Berggreen