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survivors of the KT boundary

I am well aware of the arguments on both sides of this controversy. 
 However, if one wants to believe that all late cretaceous dinosaurs were 
extincted at the KT boundary, then one will be biased in interpreting the 
data of dinosaur fossils within paleocene strata.   These people will argue 
that the fossils must have taphonomically been moved to the new strata. 
  Scientifically one must apply the data without bias to test both the null 
and alternative hypothesis.  The null hypothesis states that fossils are 
distributed below and above the boundary and that suggests living species 
below AND above.  The data needs to be tested critically and it is my 
opinion that this has not been done.  I have nothing invested in either 
hypothesis: I just want to see rigorous science accomplished.   We all are 
well aware of data being modified to fit a favorite hypothesis.

>From: dinosaur
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Subject: RE: Quadraped Sailbacks-All non-dinos?
Date: Wednesday, April 26, 1995 10:41AM

> A response to Jim Cristea's posting:
>  A few dinosaurs did survive the KT boundary and lived
> (briefly) during the early Paleocene (Tertiary) so the generalization
> Mesozoic doesn't hold.

I was under the impression that this was still in dispute :-)

In fact I think that the evidence has been rejected thus far.  Please
feel free to correct me on this.


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