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Earthwatch WWW site

Earthwatch Now On the World Wide Web! Earthwatch, an international nonprofit
organization funding scientific and environmental enterprise, has launched
the first in a series of on-line services.  The 1995 Earthwatch research and
exploration portfolio is now available on the World Wide Web. Via a browser
such as Netscape or Mosaic, Internet users can access the Earthwatch Home
Page at: 

Founded in 1972, Earthwatch offers you the chance to participate on over 150
scientific and cultural research expeditions worldwide. No special skills are
required - we'll train you in the field on projects ranging from assisting
Larry Agenbroad with excavating mammoths in Hot Springs, SD to helping Keith
Rigby unearth dinosaurs in Montana.

As an EarthCorps member, you support the field research and cover your food
and lodging expenses with tax-deductible contributions ranging from $500 to
$2000. Airfare costs to and from the site are not included though these costs
are also generally tax deductible. To date, over 40,000 EarthCorps members
have contributed to important environmental and cultural research in 111

Special Notice: Earthwatch is offering to administartors, teachers,
librarians, counselors and students a special Educator Fellowship of 15% off
the Share of Costs on June projects. Experience as an educator would be
invaluable to many research teams.

The Earthwatch Home Page details the mission of the organization.  Readers
can then explore a graphically rich catalogue of 150 expeditions, browsing by
location (worldwide), time of year, fields of study (such as archaeology,
marine mammalogy, paleontology and public health), and issues of concern
(endangered species, sustainable development and more).  Ground Truth reports
of significant expedition findings and applications are also available. 
Readers can request additional information, sign up as Earthwatch member, or
make a reservation for the EarthCorps via e-mail. 

Future on-line services will provide direct links between scientists at their
research sites and classrooms, as well as interactive chat rooms and bulletin
board services.
For more information call 1 (800) 776-0188 or e-mail dprice@earthwatch.org.
You may also join the Earthwatch Internet Mailing list by sending a message
to listserv@envirolink.org with the message: subscribe earthwatch first name
last name in the body and leave the subject line blank.
While others just look at the world, you can change it. Join the EarthCorps
online today - make a difference!