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A hot time at NMNH

 I would like to welcome Peter back home from his visit to my daytime
home. Glad you enjoyed stuff here. Linda Deck - alurker on the list was
the project manager for the fossil marine hall so she can answer questions
about it bewtter than I can.

   Yes, it was very hot that day in the building. My office was about 90
degrees (Faragut not Centipede). This is for two reasons. First, the HVAC
system at NMNH is being replaced over a ten year period. Moving the staff
and collections is very non-trivial but the massiv new duct work will
require it. The old one has been well beyond its life expectancy for a while
and just is pooping out. The second reason is that the day was warmer than
expected before an expected cool spell. Consequently, our people sometime
try to not turn on the air conditioning for one day and then the heater
for the next to save money. When it's warmer than expected we all get
hot under the collar. Finally (our third reason of the two I started with)
is that that week is one of the three busiest of the year and massive numbers
come in (it was nutso) so they generate a lot of heat. The fans seemed to be
having problems that day also (our fourth reason of two).

So, all please come and visit and it'll probably not be as hot.
But no promises...

When you do come - note the neat broken and healed left shoulder blade
on the Allosaurus which looks very different from the normal right one.
That was one in-pain Allosaurus for most of its life and was probably
pretty unhappy and pretty nasty.

That's it for the Smithsonian commercial for now. New Geology and Gem
hall opens very late 1996.

Ralph Chapman, NMNH