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Re: exinction refs.

>On Tue, 25 Apr 1995, Phillip Bigelow wrote:
>>   The situation is even worse than that.  Even if your library has
>>interlibrary loan access, you won't get journals via loan, anyway.
>>Journal articles,
>> particularly old journals, are put in bound volumes, and these volumes are
>> generally non-loanable through interlibrary loan.  In fact, I know of *no*
>> university or research library that loans bound science volumes out through
>> interlib. loan.   By all means, fill out the interlibrary loan paperwork.
>> But what you will recieve will be a photocopy of the article, not the
>> journal.
>So what's wrong with a xerox copy? Information, is information, whether
>it's bound, photocopied,  or via the Internet.

        Well, first of all, in many articles, photographs are a critical
part of the information, and few xerox copiers go anywhere _near_ doing
them justice.  Even those that do, one has to have an ILL person in charge
who cares enough to take the time to adjust the copier in such a way that
the photos are as clear as possible.  Personally, I'd rather they sent me
the journal so I can either scan the photos or splurge for a color xerox.

        Second, I have many times obtained actual, bound journals via ILL,
although xerox copies are certainly the most common medium.

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