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Back from the Smithsonian

All I can say is wow.  That place is huge.  I looked on a map and it's as big
as the Capitol Building (The NMNH is)!  It's amazing in there, a little
cramped (the dinosaurs and the people), and has great marine vertibrates
exhibit.  I would suggest some air-conditioners though (the day I was there
it was 91 degrees outside).  Some questions:

Why are the Albertosaurus and Edmontosaurus stuck up on a balcony where noone
can see them very well?

Why are many fossils stuck half-way into the wall in what appears to be
oat-meal (or very yellow lime-stone)?

Why are there no air-conditioners in the dinosaur hall?

Also, there is in the display case in front Uintitherum (I think - some
rhino-looking fellow anyway) some fossils of birds.  In the extreme
upper-left-hand corner of the case there is a small feather fossil that
appears to have stripes.  Is this because of feather shafts bunching up
together or fossilized pigmentation (my glasses were conveniently in the

All in all, it was a fun trip; needed more air-conditioners though.  I almost
fainted in the aircraft carrior mock-up in the air and space museum because
it was on the fourth floor and about 112 degrees.  Also, after being in the
"Mars area", I can tell you that Gustav Holtz' "Mars: the Bringer of War"
from "The Planets" symphony is definately growing on me - I still think the
song is hideous though, though decades ahead of its time (THIS was written in

Anyways..... It was a cool trip.  I'll see you later.

Peter Buchholz